About Us

Mission Statement

Debonair (n) - Fashion and style that fully embodies what it means to be smooth, suave and sophisticated. We want everyone to have the ability to feel Debonair.

About our Founder/CEO

Amir Tyson - Debonair CEO / Founder

Amir Jabron Tyson was born and raised in Bethesda, Maryland with his family. He is a 21 year old recent American University graduate who majored in Broadcast Journalism with a minor in History. While he pursued sports/news anchoring and loves history, he always had a strong interest in acting and being an entrepreneur. In his sophomore year, with an appreciation for fashion, he decided to start a clothing line to make upscale streetwear. What began as a concept, evolved to something more, as he put together a team and conducted research. After hard work, time and effort, the concept of Debonair became an official brand. Amir’s high quality classic tees are being sold now in several different color variations. His initial collection, the Smooth Collection, will be released in Fall 2019.

About The Crown

Crowns symbolize power and triumph, worn by a King or Queen. Debonair's concept is to make anyone wearing the brand feel like royalty. The crown emblem was designed by Arundhati Patel. It has 4 points, each point representing one of the four core-team members of the brand. The gold geometric pattern has a diamond motif throughout. The designer visualized Amir's vision and drew inspiration from hip hop culture as well as the deco style architecture in urban places such as New York City, Miami and Los Angeles.


Amir’s mother has Multiple Sclerosis so he decided to donate a portion of all sales to the research for a cure for MS.